RAID Storage: Nexsan Assureon

Assureon™ from Nexsan is a new breed of intelligent, disk-based archiving solutions - complete hardware/software systems that give users powerful and cost-effective choices for the protection, retention and long term care of their information assets.

Nexsan Assureon

Assureon's secure storage architecture delivers a comprehensive array of intelligent features including constant monitoring of file integrity, Lifecycle Management, file authentication, missing file alerts, and support for remote replication, along with optional file-level encryption.

Simple to use, with instant file retrieval, Assureon provides secure protection and immediate access to archival information at a fraction of the cost of comparable legacy solutions. Assureon eliminates the need for outdated tape libraries and offline media while introducing an unmatched level of care and reliability around archived information that has simply been unavailable until now.

And Nexsan's award-winning Assureon is now available in compact, easy-to-implement appliance versions that allow simple integration for archiving, e-discovery, email and more.

Assureon Appliances: Secure archiving appliances for SMBs and departmental applications

Assureon System: Secure and scalable high availability archive solutions for larger applications

Additional Information

Nexsan Assureon Data Sheet ( 680 KB )
Nexsan Assureon Medical Imaging Data Sheet ( 195 KB )
Video - Nexsan Assureon ( view )


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