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RamSan SSD
Texas Memory Systems (TMS) RamSan solid state storage products offer a variety of performance, capacity, configuration and cost options to accelerate essential applications. Known as "The World's Fastest Storage", the award-winning RamSan SSD product line delivers fast, reliable and economical solutions in industries ranging from financial services, telecommunications and e-commerce to oil and gas, entertainment and gaming, as well as governmental and commercial high performance computing environments.

For a detailed comparison of storage speed for traditional hard disk drives and SSD drives, see What is a Solid State Disk?

Benefits of using RamSan include:

  • Low latency
  • Maximized IOPS
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Lower I/O wait time
  • Improved server efficiency
  • Fewer servers
  • Lower power consumption
  • More concurrent users
  • Faster response times
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Higher profits
TMS RamSan-440
TMS RamSan-630
TMS RamSan-20
TMS RamSan Write Accelerator
RamSan Write Accelerator

RamSan consists of four main product lines:

PCI Storage
TMS PCI products are Flash-based storage that connect directly into PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect bus) express slots in the server. The RamSan-10 as well as the RamSam-20 offer the advantage of bringing solid state storage as close as possible to the CPU, minimizing the latency added by disk and RAID controllers, network protocols, switches and the additional hardware and software involved in both NAS and SAN topologies.

Flash Storage
Flash-based SSDs are rapidly becoming major players in enterprise data centers. TMS was one of the first to offer Flash-based storage solutions that were reliable and fast enough for enterprise deployment. Beginning with our RamSan-500, a fusion of RAM and Flash technologies, their Flash product line is rapidly expanding toward larger capacities and lower costs.

RAM Storage
TMS RAM SSDs are the World's Fastest StorageĀ®. No other storage products can match the I/Os per second or provide the massive bandwidth a RamSan can provide. Hundreds of locations around the world use TMS products to accelerate databases, SANs, batch processes and other high performance applications.

Integrated Solutions
SSDs have become a trusted technology in the enterprise storage space. TMS has created a variety of integrated solutions to ensure that customers can take full advantage of our fast and reliable SSDs. An example would be OPERA, a new storage solution that maximizes Oracle performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

TMS RamSan-6200

Additional Information

RamSan-10 Product Brochure ( 350 KB )
RamSan-20 Data Sheet ( 352 KB )
RamSan-300 Data Sheet ( 254 KB )
RamSan-400 Data Sheet ( 863 KB )
RamSan-440 Data Sheet ( 301 KB )
RamSan-500 Data Sheet ( 206 KB )
RamSan-620 Data Sheet ( 97 KB )
RamSan-630 Data Sheet ( 102 KB )
Write Accelerator Data Sheet ( 81 KB )
OPERA Product Brochure ( 286 KB )
RamSan-620 Video ( viewFlash


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